HENDERSON, Texas (KETK) – On Sept. 19, Puerto Rico’s southwestern coast was hit by a category one Hurricane Fiona.

The storm left people on the island without water and electricity for days. Communities were flooded, along with roads, bridges and some homes which were destroyed.

Daphne Bell, a Puerto Rico native who still has family on the island shared what she has heard from her family about the storm.

“The last time it was worse as far as the amount of time they were without electricity and water, this time she said to her it was equivalent, the winds and the rain were worse even though it was a lower grade storm,” Bell said.

Bell teaches Spanish at Henderson Middle School and says her students have been asking about hurricanes.

Her mother compared the winds and rains similar to Hurricane Maria, which happened almost five years ago to this date, and her brother experienced rain for almost 48 hours. “Well she says it’s been a struggle but my mom is 73, she is fairly strong and set in her ways, she won’t leave the island. So she just uses minimal water, whenever she needs it, she has a reserve tank that she got after Maria” Bell said.

Bell’s mother is still waiting on power but got her water back on Tuesday after eight days without it. Although her home was not destroyed, many things in her area are destructed by the storm. 

She added her son lives near Tampa, Florida which is now in danger from Hurricane Ian. “You just feel like, you’re scared the whole time hurricane season is going on because they are right there in the center of it,” Bell said.

When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, Bell didn’t hear from her Mom for two weeks. Luckily she was able to charge her phone in her car to keep in contact with her daughter. 

Bell says people should have canned foods, batteries, and water set aside should a hurricane approach the area they’re in.

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