WHITEHOUSE, Texas (KETK) – Fireworks can be fun to watch, but Gayle Helms with Pets Fur People in Tyler says for our pets, the loud noise can cause anxiety.

“People just need to understand that you know it’s very frightening for these animals and so they need to be kept in a quiet place, just so they can maybe be a little bit calmer,” said Gayle Helms, Pets Fur People executive director.

She says it’s best to know ways to help your four-legged friend like talking to your veterinarian about calming supplements.

“These things help with mild anxiety, another thing is sometimes Benadryl can be helpful, but you always want to check with your veterinarian about the dosing for that before giving your pet too much,” said Dr. Sydney Jay, owner, and veterinarian, Azalea Animal Hospital.

Dr. Sydney Jay owner of Azalea Animal Hospital in Whitehouse says you can find anxiety aids at your local pet store or your vet’s office.

“Pretty much anything that says it’s calming they are mostly safe, I don’t know of many over-the-counter products that are not going to be very safe, but there are some that are not very effective,” said Dr. Jay.

She says each pet is different, and there are some things recommended to people that may not be good for your animal.

“THC is also something to be careful with, some of those can be safe but certainly no human products as that doses can get out of hand very, very quickly,” said Dr. Jay.

Keeping your information up to date on your microchip and the collars on your pets is key to making sure you can find them if they do get out during the fireworks.

“To hear those fireworks going off I mean it can really turn them into a frenzy, to where all they want to do is run,” said Helms.

Helms and Dr. Jay said reassuring your pet, bringing them inside and giving them extra love can also help keep them calm.

“I mean it can be devastating for the dogs and the cats just to be so afraid and have no place to go and then once they are lost and they can’t get back home,” said Helms. Both women say the most important thing is just making sure your best friend knows they are safe.

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