TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Election Day excited many voters, we checked in on different polling locations throughout East Texas to see how things were coming along.

Early voter turnout in Texas has been far below what was expected for these midterms. Tuesday at the Smith County Voting Hub in downtown Tyler, however, we saw a steady crowd of voters come through.

Over in Winona it was a different story Tuesday afternoon, there were only a few people there at the Victor Kay Gymnasium.

So, if you’re looking for a location that is not too busy make sure you look at all the options in your county.

East Texans were proud to participate in todays election.

“Well we were really excited to just come and vote here on Election Day and I think it’s an important day for our state we are honored to be here and have the privilege to do so.”

Amy Tabor, Longview Resident

Keep in mind lines may form after people get out of work and if you plan on voting, locations close at 7p.m.

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