ATHENS, Texas (KETK) – On Friday night, a tornado went through Athens hitting several different areas throughout the city. Volunteers showed up early Saturday morning to begin picking up the mess that the storm left behind.

The Athens Steel Building has extreme damage, the end of the building is torn apart. Tommy Schcultz a friend of the owner, along with several others arrived at the building to begin picking up the mess.

“I got here pretty early this morning and there were people everywhere and kept coming. Lots of locals, people I have no idea who they were but we just all got together and kept working, and… we really have this place looking reasonable,” said Tommy Schultz, Dallas Resident.

The tornado also hit Athens Animal Rescue Shelter fortunately, all of the animals are okay.

“So scary there are trees down everywhere around the property and we have a lot of our fencing has been damaged,” said Monika Allen, Director of Athens Animal Shelter Rescue. The animal shelter is hoping that people will come to foster their animals for a few weeks while repairs are made to the property.

The entire street that the shelter is located on suffered damage including homes, powerlines, and fences. One house had a tree fall on top of it and concerned neighbors went to make sure everyone was okay.

“All the sudden there was someone stuck in the house, so we all came to see and we brought a chainsaw and everything to see if we needed to cut them out of the house and when we got her evidently they got out of the house.”

Todd Townley, Athens Resident

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