TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Our cars are covered in yellow and green dust, we are sneezing like crazy, and some are wondering where the pollen is coming from.

“Pine trees, oak trees, just about anything that is out there, anything that flowers in the spring, that’s the pollen we are dealing with right now,” said Jonathan Motsinger, the Central Texas Operations Department Head with the Texas A&M Forest Service.

He said as all the trees pollinate to grow more, East Texans are left to suffer from allergies but everyone is affected differently.

“Pine pollen is very large, so it doesn’t penetrate the upper airways nearly as well as things like oak pollen,” said Dr. Jonathan Buttram, an allergist with UT Health East Texas.

He said even with pine pollen being bigger, people can still experience a sensitivity to it.

“Obviously, the smaller pollen is going to be easier to ingest. It’s going to end up in our eyes, in our mouth, in our throats and noses more easily,” Motsinger said.

He said there are a few things people can do to help relieve their symptoms like taking over-the-counter medication, using a saline wash and wearing sunglasses outside.

“If you are in your car keep the windows up and keep the air conditioner on re-circulating inside air,” Buttram said.

This will not allow particles to enter the car, and when residents are at home, they should also keep their doors and windows closed.

With rain in the forecast, it should provide some allergy relief to people.

“The rain will give a little bit of a reprieve for a short period of time. It helps to clear the air,” Motsinger said.

Experts said waiting to go outside later in the day can also keep allergies away.