TYLER, Texas (KETK) – The family of former constable Curtis Traylor-Harris is speaking out after the Smith County District Attorney’s Office released the bodycam footage from the incident relating to his charges.

“There’s been a lot said about Constable Harris that’s just not accurate or true,” Benet Embry, Traylor-Harris’ brother-in-law and the spokesperson for the family said. “He’s not the demon that the media and social media has portrayed.”

Embry said the family decided to speak after seeing the public’s response to the released bodycam footage, and want people to know that not everything they see is necessarily true.

“I think the DA is trying to put this ‘evidence’ in the public opinion and letting people make up their own minds before he even gets to trial,” Embry said.

Traylor-Harris had a pre-trial hearing on his theft of property and official oppression charges Thursday morning, and is currently scheduled on the plea agreement docket for August.

Embry said that people who watch the video will not see Traylor-Harris put stolen items in his shirt, or see him order people steal things.

“They see him basically searching the house, finding narcotics, finding weapons, finding ammunition and things of that nature,” Embry said.

Embry stated that if he didn’t know Traylor-Harris but read the wording of the articles in the media, he would have been horrified. It was after seeing the public have a similar reaction that Embry said the family decided to speak out on who they know Traylor-Harris to be.

Traylor-Harris is currently being held in Gregg County Jail, and his bond has been set at $500,000 for each charge.

“You know who else had a $500,000 bond? Dylan Roofie, Charles Manson,” Embry said. “Those are the types of people who have $500,000 bonds combined to a $1 million bond with no job, and he hasn’t been convicted yet. To me, that’s oppression.”

Traylor-Harris’ bond was set at $500,000 after he was rearrested for violating his original bond, according to the arrest warrant.

“He’s already lost his house,” Embry said. “They’re attempting now to break him and to break his character, and to break his spirit and now they’ve already suspended him.”

Embry said that Traylor-Harris talks to his sister from jail everyday, and met his one-month old nephew via chat.

On behalf of the family, Embry said they continue to stand by Traylor-Harris, and that they love him.

“Let’s tone it down just a second,” Embry said. “Let’s let the laws of the land prevail. The fair laws of the land prevail. Let’s let him have his day in court before he’s crucified here on the square.”