FRANKSTON, Texas (KETK) — The Texas High School Bass Association is using the season’s first tournament for all nine divisions across Texas to raise money for the family of Cooper Reid, a Troup High School football player who was injured in their homecoming game.

“Just to honor one of our anglers you know, and the family needs some help, so you know throughout the 10 years of THSBA there has been different instances of that. And if we have an opportunity that we can do to help a family of one of our anglers then we take those opportunities,” said Riley Fitzgerald, Texas High School Bass Association.

Reid is a part of the Troup fishing team, and as a way to say thank you for all the support the family has received, they passed out BBQ plates.

“Because of generous donations, we are able to cook for up to four to 500 people. So, you know we figured with all the people that have been supporting us, supporting the Reids, supporting Cooper, and praying for him to get out of this situation, we figured we would offer everything that we could,” said Chris Turner, Troup fishing team.

Reid is currently recovering in the hospital, and requires ventilation so doctors can control his carbon dioxide levels for optimal brain healing.

“We want everybody to realize that Cooper has a long fight ahead of him, and he needs more prayers than ever. We want everybody to realize that this is a marathon,” said Mandi Braswell, a family friend. “We feel confident that with everybody’s prayers, we’re standing on God’s promises that Cooper will win the race.”

That’s why communities all over have started raising money to help with medical bills, and showing their support. T-shirts have been sold, businesses have been collecting money and thousands of prayers have been said.

“We got it covered right now, they are where they need to be, and we are going to keep covering it until they can come home and be a part of this with Cooper again,” said Turner.

Troup and Paul Pewitt dedicated their football game Friday night to Reid. The Brahmas gave the Tigers a gift for Reid and are doing everything they can to help.

“We are praying for y’all, we hope that there is a quick recovery, and that he is back on the field in no time,” said Melissa Reid, superintendent of Paul Pewitt ISD.

Everyone has just lifted their hands in prayer, and supported the family in any way they can.

“We want to wish Cooper to get well, we love you, we miss you, hang in there, we are praying for you constantly,” said Landan Trent, Troup High School Principal.

The community hopes they can see #22 take the field and lake again soon.