TYLER, Texas (KETK) — The first freeze of the season for some areas in East Texas is forecasted overnight Tuesday. Even though East Texas deals with cold weather every year, there are some reminders on how to take care of your property, pets and plants.

“If you’re cold outside, then they are cold outside,” said Dr. Gary Spence, Owner of Spence and White Veterinary Hospital.

Make sure your furry friend has a warm place, away from the freezing temperatures.

“The best thing to do is keep the pets inside, you know they aren’t sure tonight if it’s going to freeze or not. If it does, gosh it’s going to be the earliest one we’ve ever had,” said Spence.

If it’s impossible to bring them inside, make sure you give them everything they need to make it through the night.

“Put them in the garage. If they can’t do that, make sure they have warm bedding. A lot of people will use hay and bundle hay up where they can kind of cave into it,” said Spence.

Watch closely for signs that the temperatures are just too cold to handle.

“If they’re outside and hanging around the door wanting to come in, or you hear them crying a lot, they’re barking a lot, you know something is up, and they probably getting cold,” said Spence.

When it comes to plants, some are more frost-tolerant than others.

“Once you get down around 36 or so, you’re entering the temperatures where frost can occur,” said Skip Richter, County Administrator, County Extension Agent – Horticulture at Texas AgriLife Extension. “It can actually occur when the temperature hasn’t hit freezing yet, and so those are ones we would want to cover. As you get down close to freezing then you’re actually looking at the danger of killing plant tissue.”

It’s best to bring in your potted plants, if possible. Make sure your outdoor plants have enough water and cover them with a sheet or blanket.

“Use anything you have on hand, we generally don’t use plastic because where it touches the plant you tend to get burned,” said Richter.

Just remember not to wrap them too tightly.

“The tip that we offer is don’t wrap your plants like a landscape lollipop,” said Richter.

These steps can help ensure our pets and plants make it through this unseasonably cold weather.

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