TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Any tree, whether it’s in good or bad health is at risk of tipping over in extreme winds, but East Texas Arborists said there are some that are more prone to falling down.

Many people consider trees in their yards to be curb appeal, but sometimes those trees pose great danger.

“There’s no such thing as a safe tree,” said Eric Artwire, an arborist at Artwire Urban Forestry. “The right weather can do anything you can imagine with a tree.”

Extreme winds can bring down the healthiest and largest of trees. There are many factors that determine if a tree is ready to be cut down, like soil conditions, trunk issues or canopy problems.

“Soil gets saturated, roots loose their friction, you get a wind load and man they come down quick and easy,” said Artwire.

The City of Tyler’s arborist, Madeline Burton, recommends self-inspecting your tree from the root up. She said start with the root, then the trunk and then the canopy.

“Are there any large cavities or any huge cracks up and down or side to side?” said Burton. “Large cracks indicate an unstable tree.”

When inspecting the canopy, look at the leaves and make sure they don’t look different than you remember. If there are no leaves at all during the spring, that may be a sign that the tree is dying.

Experts say the winter storm from 2021 put a lot of stress on East Texas trees. They recommend getting your tree inspected every year, especially after severe weather.