TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Deer hunting season is underway in East Texas and meat processors are seeing double the amount of business.

With grocery stores experiencing shortages and meat prices significantly higher, East Texans are hunting for their meat instead.

“We don’t buy hamburger meat,” said local hunter Kade Griffin. “We live off deer burger.”

According to an agricultural economist at Purdue University, beef prices at grocery stores are up 18%, pork is up 13%, and chicken is up 8%.

For Carnes Packaging in Troup, the season is starting busy. This Monday-after the first weekend of hunting season- they processed 150 deer in just one day.

“Busy is normal but we are at almost double compared to last year,” said Ty Lindsey, Carnes Packaging Vice President.

He said he thinks it’s better to buy meat from local processers anyway because you know where the animal came from, whereas in grocery stores you have no idea where the meat is coming from or how it was handled.

There is such a high demand for meat that Carnes Packaging has plans to offer a retail butcher shop in a few weeks.

“We want to provide for everyone in the community,” he said. “Whether you are a hunter or rancher or you just need meat you can’t find in the grocery store, we’ll have it.”

For full information on hunting seasons, visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s website.