TYLER, Texas – (KETK) – Wednesday evening, Tyler Legacy High School participated in the 2023 Fields of Faith movement that drew hundreds to discuss their “game plan for life”.

“It’s so awesome that if we just impact one person tonight, we’ve won,” said Charlie Sizemore, head tennis coach, Tyler Legacy High School. 

The movement started in 2002 in Oklahoma, and has since spread nationwide.   

The Northeast Area FCA Director Robert Bardin said it’s an event he’s proud to be a part of.  

“It’s continued to grow here in northeast Texas and to see the impact it has on students and on adults in our communities is truly incredible,“ Bardin said. 

12 high schools put on their version of “Fields of Faith” Wednesday evening.  

Throughout the night, live music and several speakers set the tone to help people find their faith.  

“I just feel like the high school is so big, that I feel like that there’s so many opportunities that the word can be spread,” said Mallory Kniffen, senior, Tyler Legacy High School. 

Walker East, a student who was one of the speakers, said spreading his faith to others is something he values.  

“I just heard about it from my coach, and I felt called to come do it,” said East. “Then he asked me to speak at it too and that was just an even better of a reason to come out.” 

Students think the movement will reach more of the area moving forward.  

“I’m very blessed that we have this opportunity,” said Kniffen. “I hope it grows more and I honestly think it will.”  

Organizers told KETK the last time they held something like this was several years ago and these events can only have a positive impact for the surrounding community. 

There were events held all around East Texas, including at Troup ISD, which is pictured below:

Troup ISD's Fields of Faith event for 2023
Troup ISD’s Fields of Faith event for 2023, courtesy of the First Baptist Church of Troup