KILGORE, Texas (KETK) – Carol and Frank Marulli were 15 and 17 years old when they were married in 1955.

“I actually loved her before I met her, because I talked to her on the phone and I fell in love with her voice and I think we talked close to a week before we ever met,” Frank Marulli said.

Fast forward 68 years, and they are still going strong. To celebrate their anniversary, Arabella of Kilgore threw them a vow renewal.

“We never expected half of this. I thought we were just going to just come over here, have a cake and ice cream,” Frank said.

Carol says her and Frank grew together over the years, and if she had to choose one thing she loves the most about marriage, it would be her husband.

“Being with him, he’s a very, very special person,” Carol said. “He’s grown into a very special person. Now I have a lot of problems in my old age, and he takes care of me.”

Photo of Frank and Carol Marulli at their vow renewal at Arabella of Kilgore

In 2002, doctors said she had cancer and only had eight months to live, but now 21 years later, she has proved everyone wrong.

“If I lost her, then I’m ready to go too,” Frank said.

To end their celebration, Arabella of Kilgore recreated the meal from their first date.

“That’s our tradition because the day she locked it up, she said I’m hungry. Well there was a burger joint right there, so we went there and got cheeseburgers,” Frank said.

Carol and Frank say their 68 years together has been a true blessing. The best advice they could give newlyweds is to never give up on your marriage.

“Don’t get a divorce,” Carol and Frank said.

Unfortunately, Carol’s cancer has returned, but the couple says they have faith they make it to their 70th anniversary.

You can watch Frank and Carol’s full interview above.