ELKHART, Texas (KETK) — A family in Elkhart was rescued from drowning after their house went underwater due to flooding.

The home was located in the 400 block of County Road 1121.

On June 1, deputies from the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office got an early morning call about a family who was trapped in their home as flood waters continued to rise.

The Elkhart Volunteer Fire Department and deputies used proper equipment and swam to rescue a couple and their babies. The first responders did this without having swift water rescue training, and it took them two hours.

Sheriff Rudy Flores was beyond proud of how his deputies handled the situation.

“I was amazed at the bravery of my deputies that ventured into the swift water with the intent of helping out the families that needed help. They were assisted by the Volunteer Fire Department in Elkhart, which has training in swift water rescue. They made a big difference down there,” he said.

Once everyone was safe the first responders were told the family’s grandparents’ house had been swept away with them inside, but they are doing okay.

Sheriff Flores plans to give bravery awards to the three deputies involved and the Elkhart Volunteer Fire Department Fire Chief Randy McCoy.