IMMUNE BOOSTERS: KETK’S Neal Barton shares his experience donating plasma after having COVID-19

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TYLER, Texas (KETK)- On Nov. 17 I went to give convalescent plasma, which means plasma from a person who recovered from COVID-19, at Carter Blood Care in Tyler, before I went to work.

It was as easy as could be. I wore a blousy short sleeve shirt to the doctor like I always do.

Here is how it works:

First you check in. Then you go into a conference room with a technician, and they ask questions about your medical history. You also give a drop of blood to see if you’re eligible to give, and I was.

The technician got ready for the procedure.

Madonna said strike a pose, and I did this too so they could strike a vein. They made sure I had a lot of liquids and cookies.

Then, they started to draw my blood. The plasma that they’re looking for was an orange juice looking substance.

This is stored in a bag. A machine then restores the rest of your blood back in you.

Its the plasma doctors are wanting because it’s the life-saver for people who get the virus in the future.

“What we can do with convalescent plasma is take the antibodies from the recovered patients  plasma and give it to someone who is sick and fighting the disease and give them an immune boost to get them over the hump and winning the war  against the virus.” Clinton McCoy said with Carter Blood Care.

That day I gave enough plasma to help more than two people. If I could have stayed longer I could have given enough for four.

Carter Blood Care tells me they have about three people giving plasma each day, but they need 12 just to keep up with demand, as cases keep climbing.

If you’ve had COVID-19 and recovered and had no symptoms for 14 days, please help.

Because what you are carrying around in your body can save someone else’s life.

A Longview man who nearly died credits the plasma treatment for saving his life.

“I stabilized almost right away, so after 4 weeks of being extremely ill, not too much progress then getting this plasma and seeing the improvement,” said Jesus Mancha.

The federal government said plasma is experimental, but doctors and hospitals in East Texas and across our state are desperate for it.

The bible asks, are we our brother’s keeper? I think the answer is yes.

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