NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, Texas (KETK) —  Two in five Americans say inflation will change the way they shop for gifts this year.

Experts say shoppers should expect to pay 7% more for everything they buy. Some shoppers say it’s changing the types of gifts that will be opened this season.

“For this year, I will probably think ahead and plan ahead and maybe do more of homemade goodies,” said Nacodoges resident, Laurie Gallent.

For those buying gifts, some say the list of people who will get a present this year may get shorter than in years past.

“I’m going to cut back on the people I buy for. My list is going to be shortened this year. Like my brother-in-laws probably won’t get presents this year,” said Nacodoges resident, Toni Beck

Food prices have also gone up, meaning the holiday meal is going to cost more. Gallent said she has already bought groceries a head of time.

“Yesterday, as a matter of fact, I was at the grocery store and I decided to get stocked up on butter because butter is about to be crazy,” said Gallent.

Others said it doesn’t matter how much food costs, as long as it is stocked in the store.

“Maybe I’ll just keep a look out to make sure it’s all in stock and well supplied because everything is short demand here it seems like,” said Beck.

Even though prices are going up, both women said the holidays are to spend time with loved ones and not rely on gifts.

Many stores are starting their holiday sales to get ahead of the heavy spending.

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