QUITMAN, Texas (KETK) – Inflation and high-level fuel prices have put pressure on East Texans, even simple items at the grocery store have become too high.

On Wednesday, the East Texas Food Bank offered a mobile distribution at Bud Moody Stadium. 

“When I go, I would say get beans, get some eggs. Beans and eggs now are high-dollar items. So… it’s just hard,” said Vicky Tucker, Quitman Resident.

Tucker said it was her first time coming to a food distribution center, she came out of curiosity and was pleasantly surprised by the food. She also added that the volunteer team was really kind. 

At the mobile distribution on Wednesday, volunteers counted about 175 cars in the line-up when they started serving families that morning. East Texas Food Bank volunteers have noticed more families in need due to inflation. 

Caliord Barnett, a volunteer with East Texas Food Bank said, “It makes me feel sad and sick cause, I know it’s going to get worse, and the East Texas Food Bank has a few handfuls of volunteers and they’re doing all they can.”

He knows that many families are in need now, and he shares how sad it is that inflation continues to rise. Barnett explains that East Texas Food Bank is doing as much as it can to serve smaller rural areas in East Texas. 

“Everybody, nobody you know cooks grandma meals no more like we used to, we just cannot… but anyway,” said Tucker.

She shared that she knows many are struggling due to the high costs of living. 
Tucker enjoyed her first experience at the mobile food distribution center and was taken with the volunteers. 

The East Texas Food Bank served over 400 families in Quitman on Wednesday. As prices continue to rise, mobile food distribution centers will be available to those in need throughout East Texas.

Next Wednesday they will be at the First Baptist Church in Palestine and begin serving families at 10 a.m.

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