TYLER, Texas (KETK) — With prices increasing, more families are turning to food banks to feed their children. The only problem is, pantries are having a hard time keeping up.

Food pantries rely on donations from local grocery stores and other businesses. Price increases have led to smaller donations.

“So unfortunately as inflation goes up donations vary depending on the store and that’s just based off what the store is pricing them at and that contains meat, dairy products, bread and, in a sense, like sweets and desserts and stuff like that,” said Wyatt Bynum, COO of St. Paul Children Services.

Now food banks are having to figure out how to make what they have stretch. St. Paul children foundation is doing everything they can to continue helping the community.

“So as you can tell like the more clinics we get the more products we are going to have to purchase if it’s not donated,” Bynum said.

Right now, they are assisting anywhere from 60 to 90 families a day and the need is steadily growing.

“It’s making it difficult for people on limited income, people who are retired, you know just people in general, everyone. No one can allude this situation. They are all impacted by the cost of food,” said Suzie Sibbing, Tyler resident.

St. Paul Children Foundation offers a wide variety of items you can choose from, but right now the hardest items for them to get is meat and dairy.

“We realize that it’s a difficult time for a lot of people still and our doors are still very much open,” said Bynum.

That’s why St. Paul’s is working with stores and the East Texas food bank to help meet the needs.

“I really would like to see some chances for everyone so that people can have a normal life and not have to be strapping and suffering everyday,” said Sibbing.

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