TYLER, Texas (KETK) – The Smith County Sheriff’s Office is part of an Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force that took part in an investigation that has led to indictments of 24 people, including an alleged Aryan Circle gang member, said information from the federal court system.

The charges include racketeering conspiracy, violent crimes, drug conspiracy and firearms trafficking. 

One of the indictments in the Eastern District of Texas charges six alleged Aryan Circle members and associates with a racketeering conspiracy that includes murder, assault, kidnapping and conspiracy to commit kidnapping.

Among those charged are alleged current and former high-ranking gang leaders including:

  • William Glenn Chunn, aka “Big Head,” 38, of Texas;
  • Michael Martin, aka “Aryan Prodigy,” aka “AP,” 37, of Texas;
  • Kevin Kent, aka “Big Kev,” 35, of Indiana;
  • and Malachi David Wren, 51, of Texas. 

Other alleged Aryan Circle members charged include:

  • Jesse Paul Blankenship, aka “JP,” 39, of Missouri;
  • Timothy Long, aka “Timmy,” 41, of Arkansas;
  • Jeremy Chad Dennis, aka “JD,” 43, of Texas;
  • Becky Westbrook, 49, of Mississippi;
  • Rodney Holt, aka “Turbo,” 48, of Texas; Bobby Dayle Boney, aka “Bear,” 50, of Texas;
  • and Glynnwood Derrick, 46, of Texas.

One defendant remains at large.

Another indictment in the Eastern District of Texas charges Rodney Holt, aka “Turbo”; as well as his associate who is not known to be an AC member, Eric Hoccheim, 39, of Texas, with firearms trafficking and conspiracy. 

A third indictment in the Eastern District of Texas charges Jeremy Klintman, aka “Shamrock,” 37, of Texas; Eulalio Torres-Cadenas, aka “Yayo,” 43, of Mexico; Shane Louque, 45, of Louisiana; and Breanna Beckley, 39, of Texas, with conspiracy to distribute controlled substances.  These defendants are not known to be affiliated with the Aryan Circle.

Similar indictments were released by federal courts in Kentucky and Mississippi.

According to court documents, the Aryan Circle is a violent, race‑based organization that was established in the mid‑1980s in the Texas state prison system after turmoil within the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas and later expanded to rural and suburban areas in numerous states, the news release said. 

This case is being investigated in part by an Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force consisting of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; Drug Enforcement Administration; Federal Bureau of Prisons; Texas Department of Public Safety and criminal investigative units within various cities and counties including Smith County Sheriff’s office,  the announcement said.