TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Congressman Nathaniel Moran reacted to the new Speaker of the House, Louisiana Representative Mike Johnson.

Johnson received all 220 votes from his Republican colleagues and Moran congratulated Johnson on “X”, formerly Twitter, moments after being elected.  

“When you got Mike elected in the room, it became electric,” said Moran. “There was excitement. There was cheering.”  

Though Johnson does not have a lot of house leadership experience, it has not stopped House Republicans from showing confidence in his new role.

Moran said Johnson will make East Texans proud.

“He’s shown great leadership and respect with everybody,” said Moran.

During Johnson’s short time in office, he introduced a pro-Israel resolution that passed overwhelmingly that declared unity with the country over the Hamas terrorist attacks.

Moran said the resolution was necessary and aid to Israel should be passed next.

“If we can’t be counted on to stand with our greatest ally, then what is that going to say to the rest of the world,” said Moran.