MILLER GROVE, Texas (KETK) – Heavy storm damage is being reported all across East Texas, and a family in Miller Grove recounted their experience with it.

David Talley had plans to put up Christmas lights on his home on Saturday, but now he won’t be able to do that. A storm swept through the area on Friday, causing a tree to level their home and hit the pickup truck David and his wife, Mary, were in.

“The next thing I knew, the back end of the pickup was raised up and this tree was laying over my hood, and my roof was gone,” David said. “It happened in about two seconds, and it was gone.”

The Talleys were cut by small shards of glass but not severely hurt. The home appears to be a total loss, David said.

“It happened so quick, a blink of an eye. A twinkling of an eye. Here and gone,” David Talley told NBCDFW. “It was so quick you didn’t have time to think.”

Officials said the clean-up will happen on Saturday, and the Salvation Army will help the Talleys. According to a Hopkins County deputy, there were other damaged houses in the area.

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