PALESTINE, Texas (KETK)- “It is here and it’s very dangerous,” said Larissa Loveless, public relations director, Palestine ISD.

Fentanyl is highly addictive and one pill can kill. That’s why Palestine ISD is educating their students on the dangers of this deadly drug.

“I think the biggest issue here is helping people internalize, it could be me, it could be mine, none of us are safe from that,” said Loveless.

Public relations director, Larissa Loveless said district administration knows it can happen in their schools and in town. Acknowledging it’s a problem is the first step in helping to stop the use.

“When you can take that step and admit those things then you are able to put the things in place to make the situations not deadly,” said Loveless.

The district is providing resources to parents, students and the entire community. These resources answer questions like what fentanyl is, how it’s mixed with other drugs and how it’s getting to your children.

“Unfortunately for those who maybe just have enough of that curiosity, that pill all by itself may not seem as dangerous,” said special agent Eduardo Chavez, DEA, Dallas Field Division.

Chaves said the problem is these pills look just like your everyday medication.

“These pills might have the same coloring, the same shape and the same markings as their ligament pharmaceutical cousins,” said special agent Chavez.

For someone who has never taken these substances a pill may seem innocent, especially when compared to harder drugs.

“You’ve lowered your sort of risk assessment that this might be that harmful,” said special agent Chavez.

Palestine ISD has started putting bumper stickers on all the doors of the schools and on different cars so parents, community members and students can scan the special QR code and report anonymously anybody they know who may be taking or selling fentanyl.

Palestine ISD QR code

“It could save a life, I mean it’s a life or death situation,” said Loveless.

Palestine ISD was recently approved to add Narcan on campuses and will get their first order in the next few days.