KILGORE, Texas (KETK) – The cost of buying a home can be expensive and at times can stop families from purchasing. A Kilgore non-profit is working to help people by making their homeowning dreams come true.

“It means everything to me, I’m really proud,” said June Primous, recipient of the house.

June Primous and her granddaughter have lived in Kilgore for 5 years, and have been trying to find a property to call their own.

“Well, it’s like my dream,” said Primous.

Ms. Primous has spent most of her life renting homes and living in apartments but now she’s officially a homeowner.

“It’s been in the works for me for a long time, so it’s kind of like getting your award, you know how when you work hard, you know, and then you finally said, I’m going to do it, you know, and then you get it,” said Primous.

It’s all thanks to the Kilgore Fuller Center for Housing. They build homes in the community for low-income families and then sell it to the chosen recipient below cost.

“To build homes for people that have a need for it is great, but it also helps with generating wealth down the line,” said Marc Watson, Executive Director, Kilgore Fuller Center for Housing.

Executive director of Kilgore Fuller Center Marc Watson says thanks to donations Primous’ payments will be kept below 6 hundred dollars a month.

“Everything in here is new, we do foam insulation to keep the utilities down, so everything we’re doing is to help the person with cash flow that fits within their budget,” said Watson.

Primous says her teenage granddaughter may not be as excited as she is about the new home right now, but she hopes she can take something greater out of it.

“I’m hoping that owning this home will impact her to show her that she can be a homeowner too,” said Primous.

Adding if you need help with a house, go ahead and fill out an application because you could be getting keys to your dream home before you know it.

“You have to keep trying, you can’t give up on your dreams,” said Primous.

They’re inviting the community and potential donors to take a tour of the home. Kilgore Fuller Center of Housing will be holding a celebration Saturday morning for Primous when they will officially hand over the keys.