COFFEE CITY, Texas (KETK) — After storms moved through East Texas on Friday, John Price recalled the moments just before the storm blew through.

“Oh Lord, not another insurance claim,” said Price, a Coffee City resident.

He said a twister came through his neighborhood, Lollipop Lane, in Coffee City on Friday afternoon.

“The winds started changing directions, the rain started changing direction and it sounded like a freight train coming back through my yard,” said Price, a Coffee City resident.

The only person on his mind when the storm hit was his brother. He said he needed to get him to safety.

“I have a brother who has cerebral palsy that lives with me and I wanted to make sure he was okay before anything,” said Price.

Thankfully no one was hurt during the storm, the damage only lies in their backyard. A tree branch snapped, falling into the pool he is building.

“It’s totaled, it’s done for and I probably won’t have it up for the summer. Things happen, but I’m glad we are okay,” said Price.

Price said winds were so strong that they uprooted another tree. That tree landed on his neighbor’s roof.

“It come in instantly and there wasn’t any sirens or anything. It’s the life we live I guess, and I guess we just have watch out for ourselves,” said Price.

Price was grateful that it was only what he said is “surface damage.”