RUSK, Texas (KETK) — Cherokee County celebrated National Adoption Month on Monday when four families legalized the adoption of six children at the county courthouse.

National Adoption Awareness Month is recognized every November. While it brings awareness to all adoption-related issues, its main focus is to raise awareness to children who are currently in foster care.

Kirsten Kline and Anastasia Lowe legally adopted their first child, Kayvion, who had high medical needs when they took him in.

“He spent basically the first four months with us going to an appointment, we went to a doctor’s appointment or a specialist almost every single week,” said Lowe.

With special care and an abundant amount of love, they are proud of his progress.

“He’s already overcome pretty much every expectation that was set for him by his neurologist. He wasn’t sure if he could walk, and he can walk,” said Lowe.

Within the past few months, his family has seen him come out of his shell.

“Even when he just smiles at us, my heart just burst. When he said ‘mama’ a couple weeks ago for the first time, I was just like oh my god everything was so worth it,” said Kline.

The past year has been filled with constant paperwork and home visits.

“But it’s so worth it, every bit of paperwork, every appointment, every visit, all of it, it’s so worth it,” said Lowe.

And now knowing they are his permanent home is all they’ve ever wanted.

“Just unreal, feeling to have him be our son and spend the holidays with our family,” said Kline.