CUSHING, Texas (KETK) – The American Trucking Association said there is a shortage of more than 60,000 drivers and several areas throughout the nation, including East Texas, are struggling to find drivers.

David Alexander, the owner of David Alexander Trucking, has owned his trucking business for 25 years. He said he might have to shut down.

“It’s stressful all the way around, it’s a big struggle right now,” Alexander said.

Alexander said he is not the only one having these problems.

“We all have the same problem. (We have to) hire a driver, he’s frustrated, his family is frustrated…” Alexander explained.

He added that the best solution might be to make new rules.

“(We have to) start all over again, wipe the slate clean and start all over again. New regulations, I know it’s just a small voice, but there’s nothing wrong with starting over.”

Teachers at East Texas driving schools said one of the main reasons why there is a shortage of drivers is because technology has made it different than how things used to be.

“Way back, you could control whatever you did,” Richard Smith at Career Trucking School said. “You could get in a truck and you’re gone. You’re the boss. They had no control over where you went (or) how fast you went.”

Now that control is gone. Electronic logs track almost everything drivers do.

“That created a problem of needing more drivers and more trucks, because they can’t go as far as they used to,” Smith mentioned.

To combat this, some companies have offered signing bonuses for new employees.

“It’s just much harder now. It’s terrible,” Alexander said.

Companies hope the incentive will be enough to keep the worker for good.