TROUP, Texas (KETK) — The Cooper Reid 22 Prayers and Updates Facebook page recently shared that Troup High School junior, Cooper Reid, will be making the trip back home on Feb. 15, after being treated in a Houston hospital for months.

Reid suffered a significant head injury on the field while playing in his high school football game in September, since then the school and town have rallied around his family.

“Praying for him, all the churches, having functions we had auctions, lots of financial help. Proud for the community on that,” said Bo Steele, a Troup resident.

The community is grateful that he and his family get to come home.

“We are all excited because we feel like it’s a step forward for Cooper. He is going to be busy while he is here, rehabbing and doing some doctor stuff,” said Cindy Steele, a Troup resident.

She shared that Reid’s injury has impacted the entire town.

“I do know that it gave us a deeper appreciation of family, and what it means to be faced with that kind of an injury many of us don’t have any idea, but it showed the spirit of the town and wanted to help,” Cindy said.

The Troup community has come together in many ways to support the Reid family.

“Everybody is behind the family, and everybody in the little town of Troup knows that whatever they need, we are more than willing to do to help them,” said Bo Steele.

With a long road to recovery, the family has the entire town in their corner.

“People will pull together, and people from all over the country that still post on that website, that their prayers are still with him and that they are still thinking of him,” Cindy said.

The Cooper Reid #22 Prayers and Updates Facebook shared that they have been learning how to take care of Cooper, and working to be as hands-on as they can. They are reportedly working on getting their home set up along with therapy, and doctor appointments. The post also asked for prayers, as he has a long road to recovery.