TROUP, Texas (KETK) — Cooper Reid, a junior at Troup High School, suffered a significant head injury during a football game in September. Wednesday, he finally returned home.

“Oh, I just can’t wait to see them, I can’t wait to hold them, I can’t wait to just be with them,” said Marcia Howell, Reid family friend.

He spent the last five months in a Houston hospital and now he is starting a new step in this journey.

“It’s been a really emotional ride, but he’s finally coming, and I feel like he’ll do better at home,” said Victoria Bansal, Cooper’s cousin.

Wednesday, Cooper and his parents made the drive from Houston back to East Texas. Along the way, they were met with streets lined with signs and people excited about Cooper’s progress.

“Hoping that when he sees his friends, his family, his home, his pets, his room that it will have some stimulation to him and bring him back some more you know,” said Howell.

His cousins, Victoria and Maya Bansal, visited him in the hospital but couldn’t wait to have their best friend back across the street again.

“He doesn’t like talk back but it’s kind of like he’s listening,” said Victoria.

“Making progress,” said Maya Bansal, Cooper’s cousin.

“Yea he’s listening,” said Victoria.

His cousins and his best friend’s mom Marcia Howell were among the crowd of hundreds that waited at Troup High School, ready to welcome Cooper home. Signs were held, everyone wore blue and cheers were heard as the Reid family drove by.

“They are an amazing family, they have a lot of support from this community, and we will always be here for them,” said Howell.

Everyone is amazed by the progress Cooper has made and is excited to see what comes next. According to his cousins, a big milestone is on the horizon.

“He’s turning 17 in a month, so we are very excited to see him on his birthday,” said Maya.

East Texas and Troup are ready to stand beside Cooper and his family through it all.