JACKSONVILLE, Texas (KETK) – Hiring employees continues to be a struggle for many companies in East Texas. 

A job fair in Jacksonville on Thursday was trying to help connect employers and those looking for a job. Around 40 businesses were there, looking to fill the many positions available.

“I just think it’s great that there’s so many employers in one spot to make it easy for me,” said Angela Moor, who just moved to East Texas from Portland, Oregon.

People like Moor are searching for their next job at a time when employers are in need of more workers.

“I think it is probably a job hunters market right now because so many people don’t want to go back to work or aren’t interested,” added Moor.

East Texas employers said labor shortages are a continuing problem in every field.

“Many industries are struggling to find the number of employees that they need with the proper skills,” said Shane Pace, the President of Jacksonville Economic Development Corporation.

Everyone from Whataburger, to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, and CHRISTUS Health was there hiring.

“We’re here looking for pretty much everything you’d need in a health system. Nurses, CNAs, medical assistants,” said Kaitlin Henderson, a Recruiter with CHRISTUS Health System 

Henderson said a lot has changed in the medical field because of COVID.

“We had a lot of healthcare workers that started doing contracts and traveling and so they were getting these really big incentives to you know pick up work and now kind of we’re turning back to a norm, it’s kind of hard to get them to come in,” added Henderson.

With the pandemic and inflation, the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce said an older demographic is now going back to work.

“With inflation like it is, we expect maybe to see some more gray with our interviewees today as people maybe come back to the work force. Maybe their social security check doesn’t stretch as far,” said Nathan Jones, with the economic development for the chamber of commerce.

East Texans are taking advantage of more options, hoping to find a job that suits them best.

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