LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) – Due to the recent trend of TikTok challenges in school, Judson Middle School has implemented a program to help stop the violence.

The TikTok trends have caused students to bully each other, assault teachers and destroy or steal school property, all for social media.

East Texas educators said that they have had enough of these TikTok challenges.

Danny Stanley, Judson Middle School Assistant Principal said the challenges “caused some vandalization in the school… so we really focused in on how to get our students involved.”

Stanley came up with a plan and decided he needed a team, a student justice league.

“We found that we needed to stop something and do something, so we created the Judson Justice League,” said Beckett Cox, Judson Middle School student.

Abraham Sanchez, Judson Middle School student said he was excited because he gets to help.

Before these super friends came together, the district was in chaos. Cox said that a urinal was torn off the wall at the high school.

Since the student crime stoppers have started, things have changed.

“It has been better from a student perspective, not much has been going on,” said Kania Munphrui, Judson Middle School student.

Instead of using their fists, these students use their minds to fight crime. They use the “See Something, Say Something” app to give their classmates the opportunity to anonymously alert them to trouble. Students can scan a QR code and anonymously report a situation in the app.

“When this stuff happens it makes me sad because it’s not our stuff it’s school property,” said Sanchez.

The team is passionate about keeping their school safe.

“We do have to set an inspiration and an example for upcoming members to want to do what they’re doing,” said Munphrui.

The work they’ve done within the halls of Judson Middle School have caused the next generation to want into the league.

“I have a lot of students coming up asking about it, you know asking if they can be a part of the justice league,” said Stanley.