TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Keebler is a dog who was born with a congenital heart defect that the SPCA of East Texas says is slowly crushing his heart.

Keebler was found in a hoarding case with 60+ dogs and puppies. After arriving at the SPCA of East Texas, the vet found that he had a grade six out of six heart murmur, ringworms and an upper respiratory infection. The SPCA said that his heart murmur was so severe that it could be felt when he was held.

Due to the seriousness of his murmur, he was immediately sent to have an echocardiogram to evaluate his heart. Initially, the veterinarian believed that he had pulmonary stenosis and was referred to Texas A&M for further testing and surgery, but the veterinary team at Texas A&M found that he not only had pulmonary stenosis and a stenosis of the right ventricle.

The SPCA said that as Keebler grows, his heart is being put under immense pressure and will lead to complete heart failure without surgery. The surgery will cost a minimum of $5,000. $1,000 has already been raised.

We pour all of our love into the animals we rescue and our hearts are broken again and again. Often in rescue, we have to make choices that are difficult based on budget. When we can save 100 healthy puppies for the cost of one’s surgery, our hearts break. Is the life of 1 puppy worth the lives of 100 others?

SPCA of East Texas

The SPCA of East Texas said that Keebler deserves to continue living an amazing life. They ask for the public to donate and share to give Keebler the chance at surgery he needs.

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