CHAPEL HILL, Texas (KETK) – East Texas homeowners who are fighting against the Toll 49 expansion met on Tuesday night to discuss the safety of their children living near the extension.

For more information about “Keep Loop Off Lake”, click HERE.

The meeting took place at the Chapel Hill Fire Department on Tuesday starting at 6:00 p.m.

Net RMA has recently approved the yellow, teal, and purple routes as potential options of expansion.

“Keep Loop off Lake”, formally designed to raise awareness, is now focusing on changes to help drivers and surrounding homeowners.

Their first goal, to oppose the pink route, started to avoid many homeowners being forced out of their homes as they are destroyed.

The other goal, to build segment six safely using barriers. For the initiative they are teaming up with “Save Kids from Loop 49” to achieve the goal.

Members of the “Save Kids from Loop 49” point to problems with the teal route, stating it runs too close to nearby schools.

“The teal is just too dangerous to come through the school, that close to the school and the purple route, we already have UT Tyler President Michael Tidwell who wants it as close as possible into town, and it would really make more sense. It would be less expensive, it would be a shorter route, and better for emergency personal,” said Jeremiah Wilson, one of the leaders of the group.

Earlier this year, Dr. Tidwell, went before the NET RMA board, to talk about the benefits of the purple route. He stated that having a route close to the UT Tyler campus could encourage more students to travel and attend the university.

Toll 49 has been known as an unsafe road where many crashes have been reported leading to deaths.

“There is a safe kids law that we are talking about and the whole idea is the whole loop is not built to good safety specifications there needs to be some type of barrier to prevent these accidents it becomes a very deadly toll road,” said Wilson.

While the group continues to raise awareness and demand change, Net RMA says they hope to have a final decision on the chosen route by 2022.

For more information on the “Save Kids from Loop 49”, click HERE.