KILGORE, Texas (KETK) — On Thursday, Kilgore College hosted a ceremony to announce that they are starting to build their new pedestrian bridge on campus. In April of 2019, a semi truck ran into the bridge causing serious damage, and they had to deconstruct the bridge all together. People have been waiting to hear when the new bridge would be built.

“Thank you all for coming today to celebrate this milestone with us,” said Dr. Brenda Kays, the President of Kilgore College.

For one of the project managers, it’s personal.

“Rode my bicycle over this old bridge, to be able to do a project in your hometown that’s going to be of this magnitude is really an honor,” said Michael Medford, the Vice President at Halff Associates.

Students and faculty use this crossing to get from one side of the campus the other. Speakers also attended the event on Thursday to present the new project.

“Having the pedestrian bridge really includes an extra layer of safety, much better situation for our students, our faculty and staff not having to worry (about) ‘is that traffic really going to stop for me,'” said Kays.

She is most excited that the bridge will be ADA compliant and have elevators. The new bridge will also have a 19-foot, six-inch clearance. The old bridge only had a 16-foot clearance.

Some mentioned the new bridge might benefit traffic. Kilgore College hopes the new bridge will be complete by September of this year.

“Definitely going to be a landmark project, and again we are honored to be a part of that,” said Medford.

The college will also be streaming a 24-hour livestream on the progress of the construction, you can locate that by clicking here