HENDERSON COUNTY, Texas (KETK) – A LaPoynor ISD audio and video production class was given the task to make a public service announcement (PSA) about an important topic to them.

“There was a lot of vaping use in many schools in our districts and a lot of people were being harmed by it. So, we thought we would be the voice to speak up about vaping,” said LaPoynor sophomore Seth Church.

The students say they see people affected by vaping firsthand in their school and didn’t like it.

“We’re trying to make our campuses safer, make sure we don’t have any vapors out here that could hurt somebody, kill somebody,” said LaPoynor junior Rustin Pittman.

Their goal is to get the message out that using e-cigarettes is harmful and can be dangerous.

“People could be lacing it and doing anything to it. You don’t know what happens before it gets to you, so you just shouldn’t,” said LaPoynor sophomore Lili Obenauf.

Their teacher Kris Hutchins helped them make the public service announcement a reality.

“For them to actually take a passionate stance on something was to me a breakthrough,” Hutchins said.

Even though the students were still learning, they grabbed their cell phones and recorded the video here at the school.

“It was amazing. It was crazy too, just a bunch of funny moments and laughs,” said LaPoynor freshman Carter Green.

The students added national youth motivational speaker Gabe Salazar to make the video more effective. Hutchins hopes the children take away more than just a grade from the process.

“If there was a goal I have, is for them to be able to stand on their own two feet. Find their own skills. Find their own passions and then be able to move forward with that and they have done that,” Hutchins said.

To watch their full PSA, see below: