TYLER, Texas (KETK) – A Tyler man explained how a last-minute decision to stay with his parents ultimately saved his life.

If David Honeycutt had stayed at his home on Tuesday night, he would have been inside of his house when a tree fell on it.

“It fell right where I would be sitting if I had been here. So we had to look at it as a blessing that I decided not to come home, I could’ve been seriously injured if not killed,” Honeycutt explained.

The amount of damage was revealed as daylight broke, and Honeycutt has spent his birthday sifting through debris and what is left of his personal belongings.

In addition, at the intersection of Troup Highway and Donnybrook Avenue, a massive tree fell down and confused drivers causing them to use business parking lots to avoid traffic.

“I kind of wish they’d clean that up,” said Gary Stewart, co-owner of Stewart’s Donnybrook Automotives.

The tree had spent its life growing inside the fence at Rose Hill Cemetery, but due to high winds, it was uprooted from the ground. The tree ended up crashing into a high-traffic area.

In an effort to keep business running smoothly Donnybrook Automotives reached out to the city for answers.

“The power company won’t touch it until the tree is out of the way, the tree people won’t touch it until the power is turned off. I guess the power people aren’t going to shut the power off until they know what all the tree damaged,” Stewart added.