LEVERETT’S CHAPEL, Texas (KETK) — The Leverett’s Chapel community was hit by a storm with high winds on Wednesday morning, causing some damage like fallen trees, power lines and damaged houses.

Kristi Howard lives in Leverett’s Chapel and works at the school helping pick up students. She said the storm was terrifying to drive in.

“Well…we didn’t drive, we stayed, we pulled into the parking lot, and we did not pick up our children,” said Kristi Howard, Leverett’s Chapel resident.

After alerting parents that she wouldn’t be able to pick up students, she was told she needed to get home quickly because her house had been hit.

“Are my dogs and cats safe?” said Howard.

Trees had crashed through her roof. She is still unable to process everything that happened.

“I can’t explain it… but thank goodness we were not, you know everybody is safe, and it was minimal damage, it was a lot more debris, and a lot more cleanup work than you know anything else,” said Howard.

Most of the damage was to homes on County Road 152, like a home that had its roof blown off.

“The people in front of us, they had a bunch of shingles fly off their roof, and smacked the side of our house,” said Cason Green, Leverett’s Chapel resident.

Green was also driving when the storm hit.

“On my way back, there was a truck behind me and a truck in front of me, and we were coming down this road right here, and the wind got up real high, and limbs started falling, trees started falling and one fell behind me,” said Green.

Green jumped into action leading a helping hand to all his neighbors.

“I was one of the first ones out here to start helping, clearing the road, and then the county showed up, and some of my friends out here showed up and started helping too,” said Green.

Everyone was amazed by the help they are receiving. Both Howard and Green are just grateful no one was hurt.

“We’re just very grateful and blessed that it wasn’t any worse than what it was,” said Howard.

Leverett’s Chapel ISD closed its schools for the day due to a power outage, but most power has been restored to the town.