CHANDLER, Texas (KETK) – Multiple crews worked together Tuesday night to put out a Chandler house fire. Fire officials were also able to rescue the family cat who ran back into the burning building.

Upon arrival, officials said Chandler Fire ran a hose line along the backside of the house to knock down the backside of the fire, then Brownsboro and Chandler Fire entered through the front of the house with a second hose line to attack the fire in the attic.

“All occupants along with the family dog made it out of the residence,” Brownsboro Fire officials said. “At one point, the property owner had hold of the family cat but she managed to escape the owners grasp and disappeared into the smoke before they could make it out safely with her. It was just too risky to return into the smoke filled home due to the rapidly spreading fire.”

The cat, Nala, was found under the owners bed in a preliminary search inside the home, according to officials. She was pulled from the home, and crews began life saving measures for Nala as firefighters continued to work to extinguish the fire.

“Both oxygen and fresh breathing air were administered to the feline as well as lowering her core body temperature from effects of the prolonged heat exposure,” officials said. “Nala began to show viable signs of life with each intervention.”

Officials said Nala’s owners took her to an emergency vet clinic in Tyler where she was treated overnight before being released to her family with a clean bill of health.

“As firefighters we often times do as much as physically possible but the outcomes are not always favorable,” officials said. “We take great pride and it fills our hearts with joy when we are able to save just one.”

Brownsboro Fire and Smith County ESD 2 Fire each assisted Chandler Fire in the fire.

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