LINDALE, Texas (KETK) – One lucky East Texan stopped at the Raceway and Juanita’s Express for some delicious tacos when his life changed forever.

Suddenly, thanks to a scratch-off ticket, the man was $3 million richer. Now the business that sold the ticket is dealing with aftershocks in waves of hopeful lotto players.

“It’s been pretty busy! We’ve had quite a few people come in. Just on Sunday, which is our normal slow day, we’ve had people buy $300-400 worth of lottery tickets,” said the cashier at Raceway, Jonathan Strength.

Word has gotten out about the regular customer who won a scratch-off while waiting on his taco order. Upon verification of his ticket, the $3 million winner was in shock.

“It showed it was a winner of an unspecified amount. We quickly then downloaded the Texas State Lottery application, scanned the bar code, and sure enough, it was a $3 million winner!” said owner of Raceway and Juanita’s Express, Mo Snoubar Jr.

Snoubar shares that winners in the past have pocketed several thousand dollars, but this is their biggest winner yet. The convenience store has seen a boom in business ever since.

“The woman who actually sold the tickets to him, she did almost $9,000 in sales and most of it was lottery tickets. Yeah, so it’s picked up quite a bit,” said Strength.

Many East Texans stop by this Raceway for some authentic Juanita’s Express tacos, and hopefully now to become a high-dollar winner.

“We’ve been selling a lot of lottery tickets lately and we’ve had many winners. Let me just tell you that was one lucky taco and I have a feeling that there’s more to come!” said Snoubar.

Snoubar and his employees at Raceway are happy to be of help to the community and are still celebrating the local who won the $3 million. The winner continues to shop regularly at Raceway and chose to remain anonymous.