LINDEN, Texas (KETK) – The Linden Police Department is investigating a fatal shooting that happened on Friday in the parking lot of Crump’s Food Center in the 700 block of West Houston Street.

According to Linden PD, the shooting happened around 3:30 p.m. when a store employee Larry Lawrence, 39 of Queen City, was helping put groceries in the back seat of a car. Officials said that there was a dog in the back seat and that Lawrence reportedly began to pet the dog when a .22 rifle in the back seat went off and hit him in the chest.

Witnesses attempted to resuscitate him and when police and EMS arrived, they took over lifesaving procedures, but he was later pronounced dead at a helipad site, according to a Linden PD press release.

Linden Police Chief David Dulude said that the incident appears to have been accidental but that the case is still under investigation while they try to figure out how the rifle went off.

“It is unclear of the means of the discharge at this time,” said Chief Dulude. “We would like relay our deepest condolences to Lawrence’s loved-ones.”

Crump’s Food Center shared a GoFundMe for Larry Lawrence’s family in order to help with their funeral expenses.