CANTON, Texas (KETK) – Members of Little Hope Baptist Church came together on Sunday to look back at the 130 years of history their house of worship holds.

“The fact that it’s between a hay field in the woods and there’s a deer stand 200 yards from where you’re standing, for it to still be here is a testament to great faith and God’s goodness,” said Pastor James Nickell

They are celebrating more than a century of praising god with pastors of the past and present.

Former pastor Bill Parr, who was with the church from 2000 to 2015 visited Canton for the milestone moment.

“I was retired twice before I came here. I was 73 when they called me to be a pastor here and I just enjoyed it,” said Parr.

To mark the milestone, there was speeches, lots of food and entertainment from East Texas bluegrass group, the Purple Hulls.

“Just to see the church completely full. That was super for me,” added Nickell.

Members praised together as a family and prayed for many more years of Little Hope Baptist Church.

“It just became more like a family than a pastor and a group of people,” said Parr.