LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) — Downtown Longview exploded with creativity during the SpringArt Walk by Arts Longview on Thursday.

Artistry means something different to everyone, to the Nelsons, it means family

“We’ve been in business before as a family together so we are just used to doing everything and we really enjoy doing things together,” said Jessica Nelson, owner of Happy Crafts.

Their dog Happy is at the forefront of their new woodcraft business.

“We recently got this puppy and named him Happy. We decided it was a fun name and decided to call it Happy Crafts,” Nelson said.

Lunar’s Glassware has participated in Arts of Longview for a few years and brings her unique style to the table.

“A lot of people aren’t familiar with stained glass and it’s more of a unique art basis. So that’s what I strive for more unique and something abstract,” said Samantha Pitner, owner of Lunar Glassworks.

She said selling pieces of art is great, but the reactions to her work are what motivates her to keep going.

“It’s rewarding to see the reactions of everybody. It’s an artwork that’s not appreciated as much. It’s great to see the crowd come about and really admires everything,” Pitner said.

Paintings, stuffed animals and pies were offered at different booths. Others brought heartfelt messages through self-published books.

“I’m writing to people who have struggles who are trying to get through them,” said Deidre McDonald, self-published freelance writer.

The artists are looking to showcase their pieces in the next art walk. Rain or shine, this event happens four times a year. The next art walk will be in July.