TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Tyler lawyer Blake Bailey has always donated to different causes. Now he is witnessing first-hand how his money is helping after a year of war in Ukraine.

“My goal is to put a value for me being alive on Earth by reaching out to people who truly need some help,” said Bailey.

He has partnered with MercyWorks, a global ministry under the Youth With a Mission-Tyler. The organization recently purchased a hotel in Poland to house refugees fleeing war in their country.

“We are going to go continue to help the refugees that are taking shelter there and working in several other refugee centers,” said Debbie Lascelles, director for MercyWorks.

With supplies, toys and other resources in hand, Bailey and a group of people with MercyWorks will travel through affected areas for nine days.

“There’s recently been a lot more refugees coming and the children are, well really they are all traumatized, and so that’s part of what we do is offer trauma counseling,” said Lascelles.

With the dangers of war still ongoing, volunteers will have to be careful everywhere they go, but Bailey isn’t letting that stop him.

“I don’t mind the danger of it,” said Bailey.

All he wants to do is help displaced Ukrainians, and show them they are not alone.

“I can do as much good or probably more just sending some more money to the cause but being there touching, feeling, seeing the people who are needing help is good for them but from a very selfish point of view it’s good for me,” said Bailey.

To donate to MercyWorks, click here.