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Experts say technology is a driving force behind local economic growth and lucky for East Texas, there is a group that knows all about the ‘ins and outs’ of software development.

Tyler Web Dev is a community of developers, programmers, designers and marketers who are using their skills and knowledge to not only educate the public, but to help out, when and where they can.

Writing code is not everybody’s forte, but for software developers like Benjamin Chapman, it’s second nature.

“If we want to kind of break into that next level of community, kind of like a small Dallas, then we really have to give technological solutions to the problems that different businesses face,” said Chapman. “I’ve seen technology companies rip off people who didn’t know any better. I’ve seen people given a solution that was terrible and they didn’t know it then, but play that out 10 years in the future and you’re going to have a completely unusable piece of technology that your business is depending on.”

The group enjoys helping out local organizations and people who may not have the time, money or skills to create their own website or develop their own software.

“If I can’t directly help them, I can direct them to someone who can,” he said.

Some of the people and organizations they’re helping out is Pets Fur People, Boy Scouts, People of Honor Kids and recently, a local artist.

“Everyday I have three to five submissions because they have been following instructions on the website,” said Dace Lucia Kidd.

Kidd, a Latvia native, is a contemporary artist who is working on making Tyler an international art scene.

“I know a little bit, but because I am so busy with my art thing, I was just thrilled that Benjamin offered to help,” said Kidd.

Tyler Web Dev donated their skills to Dace and because of that, she said her dream of reaching artists everywhere could come true.

“They look at the website and they realize this is a legit event and they decide to be apart of it,” she said.


The event Dace created is the first Arcadia Art Show, which she hopes to make an annual international juried fine art show. The opening is September 10 at the Arcadia Theater downtown Tyler, featuring painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and print-making. For more information, visit here.

Tyler Web Dev is also hosting their first ‘Hackathon,’ called Programming Fur Pets on August 27. They will be working to create software solutions to benefit Pets Fur People. For more information about their community and details of the event, visit here.

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