TYLER, Texas (KETK) – A lot of people were out on July 4 to celebrate Independence Day at Lake Tyler by barbecue, swimming and fireworks. While many people did use the trash cans here, some decided to just throw it on the ground.

“I hate it. I was actually warned by somebody else not to come today because it would be so bad,” said Mitzi Sparks, a Lake Tyler visitor.

Sparks walks her dogs at the concession recreation area daily.

“I keep worrying they’re going to cut their paws,” Sparks said. “I shouldn’t have come, but I didn’t know what to do, they needed some water and energy release.”

Those walking around after the Independence Day celebrations were having to dodge glass, food and ants. Sparks said it’s unsafe for animals and humans alike.

“I just don’t understand why people think they need a bunch of mammas to clean up after them. It’s like haven’t you been taught how to clean up after yourself,” said Sparks.

The right thing to do is pick up your trash and put it in the trash can.

“Our guys will spend the day going around the lake again to make sure all the trash is picked up from around the lake,” said LouAnn Campbell, City of Tyler Public Information Officer.

The City of Tyler jumped on cleaning early to help, saying they will work until there is no trash left.

“It is our goal to make sure that this lake is as clean as possible and the areas around it so it doesn’t get polluted,” said Campbell.

The city of Tyler says this year wasn’t as bad as previous, but people are still ignoring posted signs asking not to litter or pop fireworks.

“Clean up after yourself people,” said Sparks.

Mitzi Sparks and the City of Tyler are asking everyone to please take care of the lake.