LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) – A new beer garden and outdoor sports complex is causing quite the controversy in Longview. A proposal for the business said it was expected to be built right off of Bill Owens Pkwy, near the Paul Boorman trails. But after hearing from several residents, city council unanimously voted to rezone the area from a multi-family to general retail.

The 11.5 acre lot is just in front of trails that travel through the city, and is an easy access entertainment area that the whole community can enjoy. But just hundreds of feet both north and south of the potential business, are residential areas. Some say that this development would be great to help the city grow economically and socially.

“Everyone has it, it’s a very progressive thing to give active families something to do,” says Jason Jones, a Longview resident.

Others are worried that the business will create light and sound pollution to those living near the area.

“No, I am not for it. It’s the sound, I believe that would impact the residents that are in a certain radius,” says Bruce Goodwin, another resident.

The business will have to abide by certain requirements, such as:

  • Maintaining and controlling the outside volume for live entertainment and musical enjoyment
  • Adding buffers, like dense trees that absorb light and sound, around the perimeter of the business where it is closest to residences.
  • Adding trash cans along the exterior entrances that lead to community trails.

With all of these requirements being met, the council voted on a final decision. But not before hearing from members of the council themselves. 

“I wanted the rest of the council to know, I support this because I’ve done my homework on it,” says Steve Pirtle, who represents District 6.

The owner himself spoke to the community, ensuring them that he is doing this for the community, and promised to fulfill every requirement. 

“I’ve seen a need for this for a long time. I don’t want to disturb anybody… you can see the distance, the 226 feet of woods and I plan to keep that there,” explained Kenneth Shore, who had the business idea.

With the approval of this rezoning, the business can now begin construction. But it is unknown as of right now when owners will decide to break ground.