Longview councilman helps feed his community with free meals

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LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) – It’s always nice to be able to go over to a family member’s house and get some food but not everybody has that option.

“Thanksgiving is about being around family but we have to get back to the good all days you know when it was about community,” said Lateefah Pruitt, volunteer.

The good people of Longview made sure to give their neighbors a free meal at Green Street Recreation Center.

Councilman Wray Wade has hosted this event for the past three years and says a hot meal during the holidays is priceless.

“It’s very important and even more so important is that community you get along with that hot meal and that’s what we’re offering today,” said Wray Wade, Longview Councilman.

The group brought in Longview establishments to help with the effort.

“Its symbolic councilman Ray Councilman Wade is in district 3 and Bealls diner is also in district 3 so we do want to support local businesses,” says Pruitt.

Longview residents say there’s thankful for Mr. Wade putting on this event.

“He can be at home looking at ball games and I could be at home looking at ball games, but we’re giving. We want to give something. God is giving something to us and he’s giving back to the community,” said Mandel stoker, Longview resident.

Last year The community was given a drive-through option because of the pandemic.

“We’re offering everyone an opportunity to come in sit-down fellowship and you know be back in the presence of people because we lost that in 2020,” says Wade.

Volunteers breaking bread with people in person has made the holiday even more special.

“It’s good to be able to relate to people And you relate to people by interacting so that’s a big difference that I really appreciate,” says Pruitt.

They gave out around 300 meals today and plans to put on a similar event next year.

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