LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) — The crippling inflation is causing the Longview Dream Center to see fewer donations causing them not to have enough food to give out.

“No one has ever left this place without food,” said Vicki Zahn, pantry director, Longview Dream Center

Before the pandemic, the Longview Dream Center was helping around 180 families a week. That number has now almost doubled.

“We order from the East Texas Food Bank. I always order once a month. Now I’m having to order twice a month because the need is so great. We have more and more clients coming in,” said Zahn.

The non-profit now gives food to around 350 families a week.

“They help me because I’m a senior citizen and I’m a disabled person, and I just be glad that they can help me with whatever they give me,” said a Longview Women.

A woman who chose not to be identified says she is on disability, and she is forced to make decisions she didn’t use to have to make at the grocery store.

“I went to the store the other day to get something, and I couldn’t get it because I didn’t have the money to buy with and by me getting a disability check I can’t afford to buy stuff and that’s the reason I come around these places so they can help me,” said a Longview woman.

One solution with trying to keep up with demand that the Longview dream center has come up with is limiting items like milk.

“You’ll see signs on the shelves of how much and we’ve always done that of how much of each item they’re allowed to get,” said a Longview woman.

The Longview Dream Center has created a family environment to make sure anyone that steps through their doors feels welcomed. The East Texans they help even telling others to stop by if they are struggling to feed their families.

“A lot of people out there need help. So, I just be happy that I can help someone else, because someone else has helped me,” said a Longview woman.

The Longview dream center asks if you can spare any food to donate please consider helping them feed more families.