LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) — To start the week, the average gas price for regular unleaded fuel is $4.56 in the state of Texas, and Longview beats that price by an average of six cents at $4.62. 

Dalee Wallace is a driver in Longview. 

“Oh my goodness, they used to be like $2.00, and now it’s like five, and I know in California, it’s like $8.00 now per gallon.” 

The price increased by 20 cents a gallon from Sunday to Monday, forcing some people to change their lifestyles. 

Makayla Malone is from Longview, she said the increase in prices is causing her to budget.

“Definitely having to budget because it doesn’t calculate the way it does anymore, just like probably a few months ago it was at like $2 now we’re at $5,” said Makayla Malone. “I think I’ve seen like the gas station I’m at right now is at $4.79, which is pretty outrageous.” 

Many East Texans wish they could hit the brakes on high prices, especially in Longview, where they have some of the highest fuel costs in the state. 

“I don’t think it’s going down anytime soon. And not only are gas prices going up, but grocery prices are going up too, so I pretty much have to budget everything over again,” said Malone. 

One year ago, the average was $2.78 for Longview, and now, just in time for those summer trips, it’s nearly $2 more. 

“I don’t spend my money as much, and I actually save it because gas and groceries now you know is expensive and everything you know the price is rising on everything, not just gas but everything,” said Wallace.