LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) — Longview city officials held the State of the City on Wednesday to provide an update to the citizens on where the city is headed.

Longview Mayor Andy Mack emphasized a focus on growth, bringing young people back to the city and redeveloping south Longview. He said that the median age for Longview is now within the 30s.

“The state of the city of Longview is good right now, we’re at a great growth phase, we’re doing things that are beneficial to the community… we’re bringing young people back to the city, which has always been my goal…” said Mack.

During the event, each table was assigned to be a “city” and one person was chosen as the mayor. They were presented with a set of questions regarding the City of Longview and each had to make a decision to represent how the city council and mayor make decisions.

Mack said that Lear Park, which was a $12.6 million investment, has generated $12 million every year since it opened and asked “Who wouldn’t want to see another Lear Park?”

“If we are afraid to spend money, we will never progress,” said Mack. He added that “big returns require big investments.”

Mack believes that an amphitheater-like project will be the “lightning strike” for business from I-20 and is an amazing opportunity for Longview.

“We have the opportunity before us… we have a company that is willing to spend the bulk of the money to build it, we own it, we don’t have to spend one dime to operate or maintain it.”

He added that it takes more than $1 million to operate and maintain Maude-Cobb Convention Center.

Mack closed by saying that he appreciates each city council member for how they take care of their district.

“This is just a wonderful city to live in. It’s a privilege being your mayor. I’ve had so much fun doing these things and being part of this for the last seven years and I look forward to my next year and a half,” Mack said.

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