LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) – Culinary art students from Longview ISD and Schneider Electric made smoothies using solar powered blenders to celebrate Energy Awareness Month.

“Teaching students about renewable energy, we’re having the opportunity here at the garden to use these solar-powered blenders,” said Schneider Electric’s Myranda Duma.

Students were able to use products grown from their district garden that has grown over eleven thousand pounds of produce since Sept. 2022.

“It was really good, we got to take solar panels to use our blenders this morning,” said Madison Duncan, a junior student.

Students also learned about the affordability of solar energy and how generator batteries can store solar power.

Elizabeth Wingert, a junior student said, “When Texas froze over, it would have been extremely helpful to have a battery to keep the heat on for cooking.”

The program also teaches students how to use sustainable practices outside of the classroom.

“We need to create the opportunity for everyone to have access to energy and this is one of the ways that we do it,” said Duma.