WASHINGTON (KETK) – A Longview man who was indicted on more than a dozen charges in connection to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot has been released “strictly for the purpose of preparing for trial.”

According to court documents, Ryan Nichols, 30, was granted pre-trial release and will be allowed to return to his Longview home in the custody of his wife with his children as he prepares for trial.

Nichols has been ordered to submit to GPS monitoring and is not allowed to leave his home other than for court appearances, medical necessities and religious services. He is also ordered to have no contact with his co-defendant, Carthage native Alex Harkrider.

“Ms. Nichols will provide Mr. Nichols with a special computer that is configured so that Mr. Nichols can only use it to view his discovery, conduct legal research, prepare notes and communicate with his attorneys,” documents state.

According to court documents, Nichols will also be provided a phone that only offers voice calls so he can contact his attorneys.

Nichols submitted an emergency request for release in August citing that he had been “confined in horrific conditions in violation of his civil and human rights” in the jail. He also argued to have faced “direct retaliation” from jail staff in response to a court filing that argued his detention was unlawful.

Nichols was released on Nov. 18, over a year after his arrest on Jan. 18, 2021.

Nichols was indicted in February 2021 on over a dozen federal charges ranging from civil disorder, theft of government property to unlawful possession of a dangerous weapon on Capitol grounds in connection to the Jan. 6 riot.

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